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About me:

I’m a father of 2 boys, a husband to an amazing woman, and a craftsman with a camera.

I use the word craftsman because, to be honest, I’ve never really identified with the term “artist”. Artists create art for no other reason than to create it. I create photographs that usually have some kind of purpose like documenting important milestones in life: engagements, weddings, and kiddos. It’s also the season of life that I’m in, so I have to say it’s quite natural. 

My life is a crazy mix of playing trains, cooking blue apron, starbucks runs, and fixing up our old house. I wouldn’t change a thing. I also love animals (we have 2), the outdoors, skiing, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, binging netflix, travel to just about anywhere, and meeting new & interesting people.

If you'd like to inquire, there's a button on each page (Wedding | Portraits | Seniors). If you'd like to reach me directly, you can email me at or 330-790-1696

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