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We love weddings.

There is so much emotion, energy, and nerves all packed into one amazing day. Even though it usually lasts over 12 hours, it seriously goes by in a flash. That’s why we believe photography is so important. Photos not only augment your memory, they actually begin to replace your memories as they naturally fade. They allow you to relive all the little amazing moments that together make up the story of your wedding day, even when you’re both in your 80s.

Choosing a photographer is one of the biggest decisions you get to make. It is so true that you can't repeat a wedding, so finding the right photographer for you is incredibly important. Most couples underestimate how much of an impact the relationship with their photographer has on the wedding day itself. Amazing photos aren’t just made by the photographer, they’re the product of a natural synergy between the photographer, the couple, and the spur of the moment. That’s why we insist on sitting down with every inquiring couple to make sure we all jive :-)

And remember, the photos are not just for you - they’re also heirlooms that will show your kids and grandkids what you looked like "when you were their age", which is crazy to think about!

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The Photo Booth

One of our favorite parts of the day, the photo booth gets everyone involved (even the grandparents!). We do it a little differently than most so we can really interact with everyone and include pretty much any number of guests into one photo. You can choose between a white backdrop or the natural backdrop of your reception space. Check out the examples of both below:

Natural Backdrop

White Backdrop

Moments in Motion

Photos are my main jive, but we also love crafting organic little videos we call "Moments in Motion". These aren't super fancy movies, with a huge video crew. They're just little moments from your day in motion with music and your vows overtop. It really is an amazing way to experience your wedding along with the photos.

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Engagement Sessions

They're not just to document life before the wedding, they are also incredibly beneficial for us to get to know each other. In just a couple hours we'll go from acquaintances to close friends. That way, when we arrive the morning of your wedding, it's like seeing a good friend instead of "oh shoot, the photographer is here!". This always has a huge impact on how natural your photos are, since you'll be so much more comfortable around the camera. Don't worry, you'll still have plenty to be nervous about the morning of your wedding!

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We have several investment options, starting at $3200.

Special rates for off-season or non-Saturday dates.

Since it's so important that we're the right fit, we sit down for coffee with every inquiring couple. We can get to know each other a little bit and go over all the details in person, and you can ask any questions you may have.

We only accept a very limited number of weddings per year. We absolutely love what we do, so this helps us keep it special and provide an amazing experience for our couples. This also means we tend to book up very fast every year, so please inquire as soon as possible about your date.


Where are you located? We live in Hudson, Ohio and primarily shoot in the surrounding areas (Akron, Cleveland, Medina, Youngstown).

Do you travel? You betcha! We'll just have to coordinate the logistics :-)

What’s your style? A documentary mindset with an artistic perspective. I don’t like having a heavy hand in “setting up” photos, I’d rather document what’s happening for real, from my perspective. That way you can remember and re-live the authentic moments. There are of course times for some direction, but my goal is always to be natural.

How long do photos take to edit? I will blog your wedding within a few days with ~100 photos. You can then share the link with anyone and everyone via email or social media. All the images are edited by hand and delivered a few weeks after. Portrait sessions are usually delivered within 2 weeks.

Can I order prints or albums? Yes, please! Posting to Instagram is great, but there’s nothing like holding a physical album or having beautiful photos on your walls. I do provide a print release, but I can only guarantee the quality of any product if ordered through your online gallery.

How do I book? Click the inquiry button below to get started! We'll grab coffee (or other bevs) and once we're both comfortable with moving forward, I provide you with an agreement which will list all the details. When you return it with your deposit, you’re officially booked.

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