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December 2016

Little Quinn was born ~4 weeks early and, like Levi, had a short stay in the NICU.  Mom & Dad were excited for their newborn session but also, understandably, nervous about germ exposure.   That’s one of the great things about in-home sessions - baby stays in baby’s environment & can also stay entirely in Mom & Dad’s arms if need be.  They are also very intimate sessions that give a glimpse into those first few weeks at home with a brand new baby.  I love capturing the details of the baby’s nursery, from the crib or bassinet to the prints on the wall.  In the Endres' case, we spent a good amount of time around their kitchen's bay window and in Mom & Dad's room, all huddled together on the bed.  Here are just a handful of moments from their session:

That father-daughter eye contact (photo #8) is pretty spectacular :)

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