Andrea & Justin's Wedding

Andrea & Justin are one of the sweetest couples I've met recently. Two kind souls have finally found each other in genuine happiness. Just look at the photo of Justin seeing his bride walk down the aisle toward him! You can't fake that expression.

They chose a brand new venue in Chagrin Falls, Ohio - Sapphire Creek Winery & Gardens. Probably one of the most anticipated venues to have a wedding this year, I was excited to explore all the possibilities with such a sweet couple! 

A blind 1st look is so fun - instead of actually seeing each other before the ceremony, they hid on either side of a door for a quick prayer and to do a little flirting :-)

Weddings really are about two families coming together. It's even more clear when both the bride and groom have kids that are coming together as well. My favorite part of the wedding was during the ceremony when everyone in the (new) family mixed candy together into one jar. The only question is, did they all share it the next day??

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