Brittany & Darren's Strongsville Wedding

Darren (the groom) is the brother of my best friend from high school. I was actually the best man in his wedding like 10 years ago!

The best part about photographing a friend's wedding is that I can bring the fam :-) Nina and both kids got to come, which we were super excited about. The kids had special wedding coloring books and play doh provided by the bride & groom that kept them pretty well occupied! And Landon was adorable on the dance floor :)

Rachel (my long-time assistant) was there too, as she is Darren's brother's wife! She’s due any day now with her first child. Can’t wait to meet the little guy, and I already know from Darren & Brittany’s personalities that they’ll be warmly welcoming their new nephew into this world.

The most unexpected part was a caricature artist! We loved the one of Landon & Levi so much that we hung it in our art space.

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