Kendra & Adrien's Cleveland Wedding

This one was a long time coming! Kendra was a bridesmaid in a wedding of mine back in 2016, and she booked me for her wedding shortly after. So we've been waiting almost 2 years for Kendra & Adrien's day!

It was worth the wait.

Adrien wrote his bride a letter to open that was no less than 3 pages long! Watching brides read letters like this is one of my favorite moments. Just watching their faces go from smiling to crying, and back to laughing again gives me goosebumps.

Walking up to the church I actually spotted a praying mantis on the steps - how ironic is that? I'll take it as a good sign for the marriage :-) A full Catholic ceremony can be pretty long, but every time I glanced at Kendra & Adrien, they were staring at each other with huge smiles. I love documenting little moments like that when no one else might be noticing.

Every bride worries of rain. Kendra was no different, as the forecast was not looking pretty. All I really need is some sort of overhang to put the bridal party under so I can stand in the rain and get photos. We decided to try Edgewater Beach since there is a roof for people to be under. When we arrived, there was no rain so we ran out to the willow for group photos. The sky turned scary pretty quick so we retreated to the cover for the rest of the session. By the time we got back to the building, the wind became level 10 tornado-y and I literally had to grab my assistant by the arm so she didn't get blown over! Then came the hail, and flying furniture, a double rainbow, and a random surfer who was insane enough to play in the water. After waiting it out for a while, our only option was using the building itself as a break-wall so we could take photos behind it. Simple background but we worked some magic :-)

After retreating to the cocktail hour, I was able to get a glimpse of their AMAZING cake. I'm pretty sure I took 100 photos from every angle because this towering work of edible art was seriously enchanting. I'm just a little upset I was taking too many photos to take a break for cake. And by a little upset, I mean I'm really upset. Kendra - feel free to mail me some of your leftovers!

Kendra mentioned before the wedding that it's tradition in Adrien's family to throw people up in the air during the reception. She was not kidding! I'm surprised no one got injured by hitting some string lights... or the ceiling.

Kendra & Adrien are pretty much models, but the cutest couple award does not go to them. After the anniversary dance there was one clear winner - Adrien's grandparents who have been together for 65 years.  I can't even imagine that!  The most touching moment was Kendra's dance with her grandma. Scroll down to those photos and try not to cry.

Vendors include:

Photography & Videography - Birch Tree Photography

Dress - The Dress Bridal Boutique

Makeup - Alyssa Trowbridge

Hair - Kelly Jenkins

Florist - Donna from Buehlers (Kendra's mom's friend!)

Venue and catering - LaCentre

DJ - Jesse Webb Entertainment

Cake - Wild Flour Bakery

Stationery - Pink Tomato Creative


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