Krista & Keith's Roof top Cleveland Wedding

I always love photographing other photographers. There is a bit of pressure since they'll definitely have a more trained eye for the details, but I love the challenge. Krista is a figure competitor (loves fitness and showing it off!) so that basically meant she had no bad angles. That is, from any angle she looked like a bad ass :-)

Krista & Keith chose a rustic Cleveland venue - The Ariel International Center. If that wasn't cool enough, the ceremony was on the rooftop overlooking Lake Erie. We all prayed for a cloudy day, and our prayers were answered. We also got wind... didn't pray for that but I'll take it! A lady bug landed on Keith just as he was waiting to see Krista walk down, which I'm pretty sure is good luck. Keith actually made the white structure behind them. (Sorry I don't know what to call it! Pergola? Frame? Big-white-rectangle?). I was thoroughly impressed. The only hiccup was the fact that Krista had a bit of trouble getting that ring on... I'm pretty sure the jeweler was invited but wasn't in attendance, and now we know why!

The most touching moment had to be Keith's dad's speech. Apparently unexpected, he really opened up about how proud he was. Keith wasn't the only one with tears... I mean, someone was cutting onions!!! 

The sunset session was incredibly important to Krista, so we made sure to plan 10 minutes during peak sunset. Boy was it worth it... that sky was on fire!

I knew their crowd would be a lot of fun during the reception, and they sure were...


Photography - Birch Tree Photography

Venue - Ariel International Center

Dress - Radiant Bride

Hair & Makeup - Madison & Ashley Prevett from Vanity Salon

DJ - By Request DJ

Dessert - Cakes by Maria @ Bouche Bakery

Eats - Normandy Catering

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