Lauren & Joe's Cleveland Wedding

Lauren & Joe love Cleveland, and they wanted to show all their friends & family all the cool spots :-) 

The girls all got ready at the Hyatt Regency (AKA The Arcade) downtown, which has to be one of the most gorgeous pieces of architecture in the city!  Walking around, I felt like I was in The Great Gatsby!

The Ceremony was in Little Italy, which I'm pretty familiar with after marrying Nina lol. We went to "The Feast" a couple of times together so the only thing I knew about the church was that it had great cavatelli & meatballs :-) It was pretty cool to actually be inside for a ceremony! 

Since Lauren really wanted to show off Cleveland, we had to hit several spots for photos. We started at the Wade Oval, then E. 4th Street, then Margarittaville and The Flats. I thought it was a great idea to fit in a little laid-back time with her friends on the rooftop before heading to the reception. The scariest part was hearing a crash behind me as I was walking up the stairs to the rooftop - which was Lauren completely wiping out on a wet floor!! Probably not what most brides anticipate doing in a wedding dress! Luckily she was totally fine, but definitely a close call. 

The reception at Red Space was amazing - each table was named after a significant place in Cleveland and really reminded me how much there is here! The best part may have been the candy table, which included CAKE POPS! My two boys are obsessed with them. Levi has a pretty limited vocabulary but he sure picked up "cake pop" fast...

The 1st dance was apparently too much for Laurens dress, which broke half-way through! Luckily Joe was there to hold it all together as they finished the song. What a guy haha.

One thing I loved about their wedding was the sheer amount of kids. I believe weddings should be about family & friends, and I just love when all the littles are included. There were no less than FOUR  moms in the bridal party that were nursing - and if you have any experience with this, you know it's a ton of work to handle all of that during a long wedding day, so props to them!


Photography: Birch Tree Photography

Venue: Red Space

Dress: Atlas Bridal

Flowers: Lisa Daniels

DJ: Captain Kevin

Venue: Red Space

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