Melissa & Jake's Sailboat Session

Melissa & Jake's wedding was waaaay back in 2016... ok maybe it wasn't that long ago, but it sure seems like it was! I thought it would be fun to do a little "married session" for them on Lake Erie. Cleveland may not sound super romantic, but combine a lovely couple with a sailboat and you've got yourself an amazing photo session anywhere.

The shoot was a bit more challenging than I had expected, mainly due to the wind factor on the lake. We didn't even venture outside of the break wall, but we still definitely created the "wind-blown" look, lol.

What do you think? Fun idea for an engagement session in Cleveland? Or anywhere else for that matter?

P.S. Nina (my wife) was my assistant for this shoot, which was so fun! We love working together, but these days the opportunities are few and far between. Kids and other life-stuff makes it pretty impossible. But she does look pretty damn cute with a camera bag ;-)

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