Covid-19 // Porch Portraits

Nina and I wanted to do something nice for our son's school community. It seems we've all had significantly more family time over the past few weeks, which is really a blessing. It has certainly strengthened our relationship with the kiddos (and let's be honest - made it pretty hard at times too!). What better way to document this unique time, and simultaneously raise a bunch of money for the school, than with photos? 

At first, we had around 10 families sign up. Our kiddos were excited for something to do in the evenings, and even though they were just riding in the car, it was actually pretty fun: We got to meet a ton of families we didn't know, Landon got some homework done, and Levi ate snacks the whole time. After each "run" (a few sessions in a row one evening), we'd stop at DQ for a blizzard with them. And yes, this was partly to bribe them for good behavior in the car for 2-3 hours.

Once the first couple of families posted their photos, more and more families wanted to sign up too. Much to our kids' delight:  DQ multiple times per week!

By the end, we had photographed 34 families - definitely more than we expected but we're so happy we were able to bring joy to so many in our school community. The families were  clearly also happy to get out of the house (even if only a few feet from their door) and something for them to look forward to. Julie (who helped arrange the whole thing) came with us on the runs with her daughter (Landon's classmate), so they were able to chat a bit out the sunroofs :-)

*disclaimer - we maintained a safe distance (~10-40 feet) during the sessions, using a telephoto lens to photograph the families. 

Here are some of our favorites:

Some BTS "Behind-The-Scenes" of our porch portrait caravan :-)

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