Dream Job Session

Nina's had the idea in mind for these photos for.... a very long time.  Last week, she brought it up again.  Since we're pretty desperate for indoor activities at this point, I decided to set up the backdrop and get the boys interested.  "Hey Levi, let's put your chef coat on and bake some cookies!"  You should've seen this kid zoom over.  And, well, you can see his adorable smile in every picture.  When Nina brought over the flour and butter and told him to go to town, Levi said, "Mom no, it will make a mess!... Won't it?"  And then he proceeded to toss flour and chop butter til his little heart was content.

As for Landon, well... his was a no-brainer.  Lately he hasn't been so keen on smiling for pictures.  And he's also been really into classic rock music and playing his guitars (yes, plural).  When we asked him if he wanted to do a rock star photo shoot, this kid was ALL IN.  He had an absolute blast and didn't have to smile pretty for a single shot. 

So, what do you think?  Do you have kids that would love to have this experience?  What are their personal interests or "dream jobs?"  We have more ideas in mind for these two... Maybe we'll shoot the second installment soon!                            

Chef Levi

Rock Star Landon

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