Finally didn't catch the fox

Years ago, when Nina and I were dating, I took her on a winter hike in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park (right in our backyard). I was super lucky that day - 1) because I was on a date with Nina who agreed despite hating winter and 2) because we saw a fox! I've always been interested in wildlife photography but it's not something that easily fits into a busy lifestyle - although I would love an excuse to hike around for hours looking for animals. The only decent photo I was able to get was it's backside as it ran away, so it's been a "bucket list" item ever since to get a real fox portrait. 

After a recent shoot in the park I saw a fox in a field, perfectly framed by snow and pines. Except that I didn't... it was a coyote! I quickly pulled over, got out, changed lenses, and pointed - and in those 30 seconds, he had moved another 1000 ft away!

This area was a golf course once, which is now overgrown and amazingly beautiful. I actually found a ball in the weeds as I was trying to get close to the coyote. Then I noticed there were at least 3 of them, but by that time they were much too far away for a decent photo. I started walking back when I saw a family of deer watching me - maybe they were the coyote pack's dinner? 

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