Nicole & Jason's Highfield's Hudson Wedding

Due to Covid-19, weddings in 2020 are faced with  unprecedented challenges. Nicole & Jason decided to keep their originally planned day - June 6th, with only a few of their closest family members. Instead of having a bridal party in person, they put portraits on sticks which is pretty innovative if you ask me!

Highfields is a brand new wedding right in Hudson (about 5 minutes from us!). Nicole & Jason were the very 1st scheduled wedding, and will still have their reception there later this year. I cannot wait to be back, the architecture and landscaping are absolutely stunning!

Since masks are becoming a necessary part of life, they're also becoming a part of the wedding day - Nicole's is actually made from scraps of her wedding gown!

Instead of having the typical cocktail hour and reception,  these two decided on a photo tour of their favorite places! Downtown Akron (Goodyear sign), Everett Rd Covered Bridge, Szalay's, the tow path, Boston Station, and one of my favorite open fields in the valley. Certainly more stops than any other wedding, but we had so much fun!

Despite being a very different day than originally planned, it was just as special and maybe even more romantic...

Vendors Include:

Photography - Birch Tree Photography

Venue - Highfields Event Center in Hudson, OH

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