Engagement Session Guide

What to expect

The engagement session is such a great preparation for the wedding day. I get a chance to learn a bit more about you two and you guys learn what to expect for photo sessions with me. My goal is to make photos that really showcase who you are! Goofy, serious, active, etc. So, if there is one thing you do as a couple all the time, let me know! I love incorporating special activities or locations (favorite coffee shop or brewery, activities like rock climbing, places like overlooks, etc). Or if you spend most of your time watching movies in your apartment, we can do an in-home session! 

With every session, I want it to be as natural as possible. There will of course be plenty of direction from me, but you'll be spending most of the time focusing on each other and having a good time :-)


Fall is definitely a popular time of year for any photos. People love the colors and crisp air which allows for almost any wardrobe choice. 

Winter can be stunning with a white backdrop and falling snow. Northeast Ohio can be a bit tricky to time our session for the best conditions, so be prepared for possible reschedules. 

Spring usually means rain, but don't worry! I love shooting in inclement weather, it can add such a magical mood to any photos. I have a clear and white umbrellas if we need them (which I also bring for weddings FYI).

Summer allows for warm weather activities if you two are into something specific (taking bike rides, climbing, going to the beach, etc).


For the more rural locations like the park, casual works best. For the city or downtown Hudson locations, a fancier date-night outfit can look amazing. Try not to match completely, but rather coordinate colors and textures so everything jives together. Remember that fit is more important than style :-)

Session time & travel

The Essential Wedding Collection includes enough time for 1 location, generally 45 minutes. Locations should be kept to 15 minutes from Hudson.

The Classic Collection includes enough time for 2 locations, generally 1.5 hours total. This allows time for plenty of variety in the photos. You're welcome to change outfits for the 2nd location. Locations should be kept to 45 mins from Hudson.

The Premier Collection includes enough time to allow 3 locations or a location that's far away. Let me know what you have in mind and we can work out a plan.


Let me know if you have locations special to you two. If not, below are some examples of locations I often use:

Everett Rd Covered Bridge (15 minutes from Hudson) - My favorite location of all time! The bridge is amazing not only for architecture, but for how it shapes light for amazing photos. There's even a river running underneath which I love to use as well. 

Cuyahoga Valley National Park (15 minutes from Hudson) - There are plenty of great spots within the park. Downtown Peninsula, Boston Station, and The Overlook are some of my favorites.

Thomas Heritage Park (15 minutes from Hudson) - This is actually a dog park just west of Streetsboro. Whoever designed it must have been a photographer! There are so many little spots within the park with amazing light. Different species of tree groves, fields, and even a little pond with a large dock.

Downtown Hudson (0 mins from Hudson) - With a variety of shops and town homes, Hudson is actually a great location for photos. It's more urban than the park locations but not nearly as urban as a big city like Cleveland. The white Gazebo on the square is also a must.

Downtown Cleveland (45 mins from Hudson) - Plenty of spots in Cleveland for photos - Edgewater park, Ohio City, The Flats, whatever you have in mind.

Fur babies

Please let me know if you'd like to include your furry family members in your session. I love including them because they're a part of your life and help tell the story of who you two are as a couple before the wedding. 

We'll start with the photos with just you two first, then add the dog in last. That way, if they happen to jump on you with dirty paws, your outfits aren't dirty for the rest of the photos. 

If possible, have a 3rd person there as a "handler". Especially for larger dogs! This allows us to concentrate on the photos without worrying about them. Some couples leave them in the back of the car/truck for the first half of the session which can also work. You know your dog best so that part is up to you.

I have a dog clicker that I use to get their attention - let me know if this is not OK for your specific dog.

Don't forget plenty of water/treats as necessary :-)

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