Photo Tips

We put a lot of passion into crafting your images, but we don't have much control over how you view & share them. So, to help preserve their fidelity and get the best viewing experience, follow these tips! They will help you understand how to work with the files, post them to social media, and order prints!


There's a huge variation in quality (like color, resolution, etc) with every monitor. Your phone, TV, and computer will all display images differently. For the best visual experience, view your gallery on an iPad! Apple puts a significant effort into calibrating their displays and making accurate colors, so this is the best device to use.


There's a button inside your galleries that looks like a downward arrow. It will download all the files to your computer. We highly recommend doing this so you also have a copy of the files. Save them to a hard drive, flash drive, or CDs for safe keeping. Also upload them to a service like dropbox so if you loose your hard drive there's still safe. We do offer designer flash drives if you're interested.

We sometimes reorder the photos to make the most visual sense, then rename them. So if viewing on your computer, sort by name instead of date.

To download them to your phone we recommend using a computer to download all the images then sync them with your phone.


Feel free to email the link to your friends and family. If you'd like the password removed, just let us know.

If posting to Facebook:

* please do not crop, edit, or apply any filters (we spend a lot of time making them perfect for you already!)

* for the best quality, post from your computer not your phone

* feel free to tag us  (Birch Tree Photography)

If posting to Instagram:

* Please do not apply any filters.

* Tagging is appreciated @BirchTreePhoto :-)



We are huge believers in physical prints. There's nothing quite like holding a physical, tangible photo or album in your hands. Wall art is also a great way to fill your home with amazing memories. That way they don't just stay hidden on a computer. We offer free in-home consultations if you're interested in adding some pieces to your home. That way we can figure out the best sizes and layouts for your wall.

As  mentioned in the "viewing" section - there's a huge variation in quality with every monitor. A print however, is the very best way to view your images as we've crafted them.


We include a print release so you can print them anywhere you like, but please remember you get what you pay for! Just like not hiring a cheap photographer, you do not want to buy cheap prints. Sharpness and colors will be off, and will fade with time. We can only guarantee the quality of prints ordered through your gallery. The main reason we include the print release is for art projects with the photos (when temporary is OK). You've invested a lot of money in the actual photography, it's smart to invest in quality prints as well! 

Professional printing is available right from your gallery. You simply choose what photos you'd like to order, the size and paper options, and you're done! Anyone with the link is able to purchase (no more back and forth with grandma Rosalie!). The price is also very affordable, so please avoid budget options (like Walgreens, Target, etc).

If you'd like larger wall pieces or something you don't see listed, just let us know and we can send you some options.

As always - if you have any questions, just ask!


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