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I’m a family man, through and through.

Life as a father is incredible. Nothing so profoundly changes the way you think and see the world as becoming a parent. Time also moves approximately 37 times faster with kids - “before you know it they’ll be off to college” everyone says. And they’re absolutely right. It’s one of the reasons I love photographing families - to freeze a few moments in life with photos, that would normally slip away. 

Moments in Motion

Photos do an amazing job of documenting moments, but nothing tells the story quite like video. Moments in Motion is a collection of clips, edited together with music to showcase not only what your family looks like, but what it sounds like too. 

Krueger Family

Ellie - 9 Months

Emerson - Newborn

Nicolette - Newborn


Where are you located? We live in Hudson, Ohio and primarily shoot in the surrounding areas (Akron, Cleveland, Medina, Youngstown).

What’s your style? A documentary mindset with an artistic perspective. We'll of course get the obligatory "looking at the camera" portraits, but I spend a lot of time focusing on genuine moments. I provide a fair amount of direction, but my goal is always to be as natural as possible.

What is your availability? I typically book about 4-6 weeks in advance so please plan accordingly and reach out as soon as possible. I may have last minute openings but the sooner you schedule, the better!

How long do photos take to edit? Sessions are usually delivered within 2 weeks.

Can I order prints or albums? Yes, please! Posting to Instagram is great, but there’s nothing like holding a physical album or having beautiful photos on your walls. I do provide a print release, but I can only guarantee the quality of any product if ordered through your online gallery.

How do I book? Click the inquiry button below to get started! Once we're both comfortable with moving forward, I provide you with an agreement which will list all the details. When you return it with your deposit, you’re officially booked.

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